Apr 2023 – Present Remote -> Tokyo, Japan

Research Intern

SenseTime Group Limited

Jul 2018 – Mar 2023 Beijing, China -> Remote

Research Assistant

DUT Medial Lab, Dalian University of Technology

Dec 2016 – Jul 2018 Dalian, China


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We present FengWu, an advanced data-driven global medium-range weather forecast system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Different …

We introduce a Unified Model for Human-Centric Perceptions (UniHCP), which can easily handle multiple distinctly defined human-centric …

Human-centric perceptions include a variety of vision tasks, which have widespread industrial applications, including surveillance, …

We introduce Fast-MoCo, a simple yet effective self-supervised learning method that boosts the training speed of the momentum-based …

We introduce a neural architecture search scheme called NSE. It can progressively accommodate new search space while maintaining the …